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As a leading registry services provider, we create and protect top-level domains for major brands, governments, registries, businesses, and countries.

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Our advanced registry services, combined with deep expertise in technology, marketing, sales, security, policy, and governance, deliver exceptional customer service, brand visibility, and protection for businesses and governments.

Dynamic Defense

Decades of Experience

Our Security and DNS Abuse Mitigation Team drives the industry’s efforts to disrupt security threats to registries and registrars. Harnessing decades of experience dealing with DNS Abuse reports, our team aligns with law enforcement and the public to ensure security threats within the DNS are neutralized. We’ve shaped policy, helping draft the ICANN Security Framework, the Framework to Address Abuse, and the Internet and Jurisdiction DNS Abuse Toolkits.

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Mitigating & Preventing Cybercrime

Our team uses an industry-leading domain abuse management platform and data analytics tools to identify abusive domains actively violating Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs), and those domains with a high likelihood of malicious use. We partner with law enforcement to combat cybercrime and other security organizations to ensure comprehensive protection for all the TLDs we service.

We’re members of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (AWPG), the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), and represented in U.S. InfraGard. We also participate in ICANN at all levels and hold leadership positions at the Registries Stakeholder Group, DNS Abuse Working group, the Contracted Party House DNS Abuse Working Group, and the Security & Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC).

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.software  .technology  .solutions  .plus  .systems  .zone  .support  .tools
.software  .technology  .solutions  .plus  .systems  .zone  .support  .tools

Since 2002, we’ve been the trusted registry services provider for generic top-level domains, servicing over 250 new and established domains—including .org and .asia.


.software  .technology  .solutions  .plus  .systems  .zone  .support  .tools
.software  .technology  .solutions  .plus  .systems  .zone  .support  .tools

We support 100 dotBrand top-level domains. Top-level domains offer benefits like control of all names registered at the second level, greater brand visibility, and enhanced security.


.us  .uk  .au  .me  .fi  .fr  .is  .jp  .kr

We support ccTLDs—including .au, .me, and .pr—providing registry services, round-the-clock support for domain registrars and domain name administrators, and custom registry solutions built to meet the needs of government, local staff, and data centers.

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